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Dear Visitors, Are you Searching for TikTok 18 Pulse? and are you tired of searching TikTok 18 for iPhone, PC, Android ? then don’t worry. In this article we will give you complete information about Installation of TikTok18 for Apple, Android, as well as Windows.

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TikTok 18 for apple


In the realm of social media and short-form video content, TikTok has taken the world by storm. With its engaging platform and user-friendly interface, it’s no wonder that a modified version known as “TikTok 18” APK has garnered attention.

In this article, we will delve into the world of Tik Tok Adult, exploring its features, advantages, and potential drawbacks.


TikToka 18 Apk is a third-party application that builds upon the foundation of the original TikTok platform. Developed by enthusiasts and independent developers, this modified version aims to enhance the user experience by introducing additional features and functionalities.

This TikTok18+ app contains Bold videos of Tiktok app. If you are one of them who loves to watch Tik Tok for adults content then this app is for you.

Tiktok 18 Review

Size27 MB
Price Free
Version1.4.1 (Official)
Updated Yesterday
Downloads113 Million+
MODYes, No Ads
TikTok 18 apk download Details ⬆️

TikToka 18 Screenshots

Tiktok 18 plus apple
Tik tok 18 app download
Tiktok18 old version download
Tiktok 18 Review
Tiktok18 not working
tiktok 18 apple download
Tiktok 18 ios download
Tiktok 18 pluse

Tiktok Vs Tik Tok Adult

Features TiktokTik Tok For Adult
No Ads×
18+ Content ×
Small Size×
Anti Ban×
No Watermark×
Long Videos ×
Download HD×
Simple interface
Tiktok Vs Tiktok18+ ⬆️

TikTok18+ Apk download

We are Providing Two Download Links of TikTok 18 Plus App for Android and Windows (PC/Laptop). You can Download according to your choice.

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TikTok 18 Old Version Download

TikTok 18 Pulse v1.4.1 (latest)

TikTok 18 Plus Apple

Apple (ios) device doesn’t Support Third party apps and Tik Tok 18 plus iPhone is not available, So you can’t “18 TikTok” app Download on Apple Devices.

But Don’t very We have another option for you. You can use Web version for Tiktok 18 Plus apple instead of Tiktok 18 Download apple . This web version is easy to use and works as same as the app.

There are multiple websites who provides content for Tiktok18 Apple. You can use this and enjoy watching the content.

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TikTok 18 For iOS

Wanna Now About – Insta Pro?

Insta Pro apk download old version

Insta pro is a Modified and Upgraded version of Instagram. Download Reels and Videos in One Click, No Ad, bulit in App Lock, Copy anyone’s Comments and many more.

Check Out – Insta Pro Apk

What’s New in Tiktok 18 pluse ?

Tik Tok +18 is an app that allows users to watch videos of various celebrities and others who have uploaded their own 18+ videos.

The app is launched last year and has over 200 million active users, and the number of users is increasing daily. Tiktok adulto is the upgraded TikTok app. However, this modified app doesn’t have any limits to Video duration.

Users can upload 15 sec to 60 minutes video. Also this app is completely free of cost. The popularity of Tiktok 18 pluse online has reached new levels, following Facebook, Instagram and Tinder.

Why use Tik Tok Adult

  • No ADS
  • Easy to use
  • No VPN required
  • You can take Screenshot
  • Screen recording is allowed
  • Download Videos without Watermark
  • No subscription (free app)
  • Adult and Bold content
  • No Limits, use the app without Limits
  • New and Updated user interface
  • Smaller Size (only 27MB),
  • Support all devices (Android, Windows, iOS)
  • Works in banned countries like India,
  • It provides All premium features of Tiktok

If you are worried about the security issues that will it be safe for your device or not then we would recommend you that you must download the TikTok ++ apk from our Official Website – tiktok18free.com

Features of Tiktok 18 Pulse Online

No sign-up is Required:

Users are allowed to use the app without sign up but If the user doesn’t have an account on the tiktok ++ apk, they won’t be able to comment on videos.

Enhanced Editing Tools:

TikToka 18 APK offers an array of advanced video editing tools that go beyond the capabilities of the official app. Users can experiment with effects, transitions, and filters to create more captivating content.

Ad-Free Experience:

One of the key highlights of TikTok 18 Pulse Online is the absence of ads. Users can enjoy uninterrupted browsing and viewing, contributing to a smoother and more immersive experience.

Extended Video Length:

Unlike the standard TikTok’s 60-second video limit, TikTok18+ often allows users to create longer videos, enabling them to tell more elaborate stories or showcase their talents.

Download Options:

This modified version tiktok plus apk frequently enables users to download videos directly from the app, which can be a handy feature for those who wish to save their favorite content for offline viewing.

Advanced Effects:

18 TikTok comes with cool and fancy effects that let you transform your videos into eye-catching creations. Add sparkles, change colors, and make your videos stand out.

Unlimited Filters:

Get access to a bunch of fun filters to make your videos look unique. From vintage vibes to futuristic styles, you can experiment and make every video your own.

Special Fonts:

Stand out with different text styles! Tik Tok 18 APK lets you use special fonts for captions and comments, adding a personal touch to your videos.

Private Mode:

Keep your videos and profile more private with a special mode. You can control who sees your content, giving you more control over your online presence.

Extended Music Library:

Enjoy an even bigger collection of music tracks to add to your videos. Whether you’re dancing or sharing a moment, you’ll have more choices to find the perfect soundtrack.

Additional Features of TikTok 18 Apk


TikTok 18 Plus empowers users with greater customization options, allowing them to tailor their videos more precisely accord.ing to their creative vision.

Enhanced User Interface:

With an improved user interface, TikTok Adulto often provides easier navigation, quicker access to features, and a more intuitive overall experience.

No Watermarks:

Unlike the official TikTok app, which adds a watermark to videos, 18 only Tik often allows users to create content without these watermarks, providing a cleaner and more professional look.

Offline Viewing:

The ability to download videos for offline viewing can be a boon for users, especially in areas with unreliable or limited internet connectivity.

Less Space Application:

This app comes with less space means it will not take more space in your device. tiktok para adulto size is only 27MB. So no need to worry about storage of your device.

Free from Bug:

The app is bug-free. Millions of people using this app but never heard any issues about privacy and security. Currently 110 Million+ user are using Tik Tok 18 Plus Apk Orange .

How to Tik Tok 18 For Adult Download ?

You can easily download the Tik Tok 18 For Adults in free. Steps are given below –

  • To download the app, you must open the Chrome Browser first.
  • Type in TikTok 18+ Download, and hit search.
  • There are many websites from which you need to click on mgsuresult.com for safe version of The app.
  • You’ll be able to see the tik tok+18 apk button and download it for free.
  • Now, the notification will be displayed on your mobile, and you will have the option to download and cancel.
  • After that, the ‘tiktok para adultos’ will start downloading on your phone, which you can view in your download directory.

How to Tiktok18+ Install ?

We hope that you’ve download Tik tok Adult Apk on your mobile and then install it.

  • First of all, you’ll be able to access the settings on your device where you need permission to install unknown applications and go back.
TikTok 18+ Apk v1.3.8 (Official) Free Download
  • If You are downloading From Chrome Browser then Allow Unknown source for Chrome Browser.
TikTok 18 apk download
tiktok 18 vpnhelps.com
  • To install Tiktok+18 Apk you must first navigate to the download folder in the browser.
  • Then, you need to open the APK file you downloaded previously.
  • Then you’ll see the confirmation of installation and cancellation before you install the Apk file. From there, you need to click the option to install.
  • Now the “Tiktok18 install” in your Device.

TikTok18 for Windows

There are multiple ways to install Tiktok 18 for Windows One of them are given below –

Install Using Bluestacks

We will be using the Bluestacks emulator for Android environment simulation. Blue Stack is the most popular and reliable Android emulator available for Mac and Windows platforms. Its lightning speed and ultra-defined graphics are the main reasons for its huge popularity.

Let’s start the installation steps to Tik tok 18 download for Windows

Step 1 : Download BlueStack software on your PC, click here – BlueStacks

Step 2 : To install the BlueStacks application on your Windows PC, double-click on the downloaded bluestacks.exe file.

Step 3 : Now launch the Bluestacks app. wait a few seconds as it needs to load the emulator environment initially. In the next screen, log in with your Google Account.

Step 4 : After logging in open Google Play Store and search for Tiktok 18 plus for Windows , if you find the app in Play Store then install it from Google Play.

if the app is not available on Google Play then don’t worry, Install the Tiktok18 apk for pc Download button are given above.

Step 5 : Open the pikashow apk file and Now click on the Install button to install Tik tok 18 App on Bluestacks software on your PC.

After completing the installation, go to the Installed Apps folder in BlueStacks. You can find there Tiktok 18+ application icon.

Step 6 : Open the Tiktok18 App on PC and enjoy your content.

FAQS About 18 TikTok

What is TikTok 18+ APK ?

TikTok 18+ APK is a modified version of the TikTok app that allows users to access adult content. It is similar to the official version of TikTok, but it is designed for people over 18 years.

Can i download Tik Tok 18 from Google Play Store?

No, you cannot download TikTok18 from the Google Play Store. It is a mod app, so it is not available on official app stores. You can download it from the provided download link.

Do I need a VPN to use TikTok 18 plus ?

No, you do not need a VPN to use the app. While you may need a VPN to access adult content on some platforms, this app does not require one.

Tiktok 18 erro desconhecido ?

limpe o cache do aplicativo e tente, se o aplicativo ainda não estiver funcionando, desinstale e faça o download do Tiktok 18 Apk mais recente em nosso site e aproveite.

Tiktok18 not working ?

Many peoples are facing this issue. Maybe they are using Old version. To resolve this error –
1. Clear Cache and App Data, Then try.
2. If still Tiktok18 not working then Install new Version of The app from Our website and enjoy.

Tiktok 18 versão antiga ?

Baixe Tiktok 18 versão antiga em nosso site e aproveite o conteúdo adulto do Tiktok 18.

How do I download videos from Tiktok18?

Simply Download The New Tiktok18 App from Our website.
Now install the app, open it and Choose any video and Download Video without Watermark.

Tiktok18 safe ?

yes, Tiktok18 Apk is completely safe for adults millions of people using this app you can download new version from our website and enjoy the 18+ content.

Is there a 18 version of TikTok?

Yes, Tiktok Allow 18+ content. Also Their is a Modified Version of Tiktok called Tiktok 18+ is available.
Millions of people using the app.

Download TikTok 18+ and enjoy Hot and Bold videos of your favourite Tiktok Star.

What is the 18 video app like TikTok?

If you want to watch 18 plus content, then TikTok 18+ is for you. It is free, easy to use and works same as Tiktok app. Download The app from Our Website.

What is the TikTok app for adults?

TikTok18 Plus App is specifically made for Adults to watch hot and bold content. Download TikTok18 Plus App from our website.

is there a TikTok app for adults only?

yes, Tik Tok 18 Plus is an app that similar as tik tok but This app provides 18+ content. So This is not for people less than 18. If you are above 18 years then Download the app from our website.

What app is like TikTok 18 Plus ?

iwantu and tik18 app works as same as Tik Tok18 plus. Want to Download ? Visit our website there you will find both (Old and new Version) of Tiktok18 Plus App.

What is the app for adults on TikTok?

Now a days many people’s like to watch 18+ content, if you are one of them, then Here is Two apps for one is “Clapper” and Second is “iwantu”. These both app provides 18 plus Videos. Click here to Download

What is the alternative to TikTok 18 plus?

iwantu, Triller and Alternative apps for Tiktok18 pulse. Click here for Download Links.

App like Tiktok for adults ?

Tiktok similar famous apps are Instagram, Sharechat, Moj etc. Also modified version of Tiktok that is only made for adult content is TikTok++, TikTok 18+ (Download link available).

What is Tiktok adults version apk ?

Tiktok adults version apk‘ is also known as TikTok18 plus or Tiktok18. It is a upgraded version of Tiktok. It have all premium features and No Ads. Also This Apk provides hot and bold contents of Famous Tiktok starts. click for Download link.

Tiktok adulting version apk ?

Tiktok adulting version apk‘ is known as TikTok Adult or TikTok18+. This app is specially made for 18+ people, who loves to watch adult and bold videos. Wanna download Tiktok+18 apk ? Click here.

Tiktok adults app ?

Tiktok adults app‘ is TikTok18 plus or TikTok++. These apps are specially made for watching adult content, only 18 + people allowed to use these apps. click here to download

What is The Adult version of TikTok.

TikTok Adult version is known as TikTok 18+ or TikTok++. This is a modified and upgraded version of tiktok, this app is made for 18+ people’s. It provides hot and Onlyfans videos of TikTok Stars. For more information visit here.

Tik Tok Adult Video

Tiktok18 2023 apk download ⬆️


In this article we discussed about TikTok 18 apk and Tiktok 18 Plus Apple. we provided you TikToka 18 Download Link and We Hope that your queries is now solved.

If you are facing any issue then feel free to comment, we will try to help you as soon as possible.

Disclaimer – We are providing all details about the app on behalf of knowledge and education. This is a personal blog, we are neither owner nor developer of This App. TikTok 18 is a third party app made by Android developers and It has no connection with TikTok. All Rights & Trademark Belongs To Their Respective Owners, we are using them under fair use policy.

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